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  1. 公司性质:中外合资/合作
  2. 公司规模:1 - 49人


About: 关于我们 Penda is a fresh and motivated team of international creatives based in Beijing and Vienna. In 2013, Chris Precht and Dayong Sun founded penda with the belief that architecture can serve as a bridge, which connects nature, culture and people to strive for a better quality of living. Penda是一支年轻而又充满激情的国际创意团队,总部位于北京和维也纳,由Chris Precht和孙大勇2013年共同创立。Penda的宗旨是以建筑为纽带,将自然、文化和人联系在一起,努力实现更好的生活品质。 By drawing different perspectives from western and eastern history, Penda seeks the fundamentals in architecture and tries to interpret and integrate them into one cross-cultural design-language. Therefore we are interested in the questions of how life evolved throughout history, what influenced its process up to the present and what architecture can add to increase the quality of life for the future. Penda通过从东西方历史中提取的不同视角,寻求建筑的根本所在,尝试对其进行诠释并将其融合在一种跨文化的设计语言中。因此,对于从古至今生命的发展历程、迄今为止影响生命发展进程的种种因素、以及利用建筑提升未来的生活品质等问题,我们一直保持着浓厚的研究兴趣。 We love what we do and are truly passionate about architecture & design to develop every project with our uttermost dedication. Impelled by our passion for nature and its materials, we try to design projects, which connect people to our natural environment and seek opportunities to create spaces, which contain the ability to nurture life. 我们热爱所从事的工作,对建筑和设计充满激情,以最饱满的热情投入我们从事的每一个项目。对自然和材料的热爱促使我们尽力设计出连接人与自然环境的建筑作品,并需找机会创造能滋养生命的空间。 Living in an age of economy with the credo of larger, higher & faster, we see the possibility, that architecture can serve as a counter-movement of a steady and long-lasting profession, which offers a constant in a fast-changing era. Therefore architecture should reply in a responsible, technological and ecological way to climatic, demographic and geopolitical changes of our society and environment. 生活在这个崇尚更大、更高、更快的经济时代,我们发现建筑这一稳定而持久的行业,可以成为一种反作用力,在这个快速变化的时代中塑造出恒久的元素。因此,建筑应以一种负责、科技和生态的方式回应整个社会和环境的气候、人口和地理变化。 History / Honours: 历史/荣誉 After working together in Graft / Beijing for several years, Dayong Sun and Chris Precht founded penda in 2013. Since its opening, penda has grown to become an internationally renowned architecture and design practice. 孙大勇和Chris PrechtGraft(北京)共事了几年之后,于2013年共同创立了penda。此后,penda逐渐发展为一个国际知名的建筑和设计事务所。 Our office interdisciplinary team works on projects, which range from master plans and high-rises to residential and interior design to product and graphic design. Penda的跨学科团队从事各种类型的项目,包括总体规划、高层建筑设计、住宅设计、室内设计以及产品设计和平面设计。 Besides several competition wins, in 2014 penda has won the Interior Design Award for years “Best Interior Project” for the Honkung Museum of Contemporary Arts and the Tile Award 2013. Penda had 3 projects among the finalists in Archdaily “best of the year” award and is finalist in Architizers A+Award 2015 with the Snow Apartment. 除了赢得多项设计竞赛之外,penda还荣获2014Honkung现代艺术博物馆“最佳室内设计项目”室内设计奖、以及2013Tile 奖。Penda3个作品入围Archdaily的“年度最佳”奖,并凭借“雪公寓”项目入围Architizers A+Award 2015 We also found recognition in a considerable number of publications in magazines, newspapers, books and online media. Our work has been exhibited in various acknowledged art galleries and museums including the Architecture Biennale in Venice, the Künstlerhaus in Salzburg, Architecture Chine in Lyon / France and at 798 in Beijing. Penda也多次出现在杂志、报纸、书籍和网络媒体的报道中,具有较高的知名度。Penda的作品曾在多家知名画廊和美术馆进行展出,包括威尼斯建筑双年展、萨尔斯堡艺术家之家、北京798的法国里昂中国建筑展。 Office Culture: 企业文化 Being architects in a fast-changing era of Technology, Materials and Fabrication, learning and sharing plays a main role in our office. Working on a global scale, gives each member of penda a valuable insight in different cultures and the opportunity to develop a unique set of skills. To make this individual skills accessible for all team members, we organise workshops and get-togethers in our spare time. Architectural Workshops about Software, Presentation, Rapid Prototyping, Physical Model Building, Sustainability, etc and others like Photography, Languages, Movies, Books, Art or History offers a broad area to learn from and create the positive benefit of moving out of one’s comfort zone. This hybrid of collaborative learning, teaching and sharing results in an increasingly evolving knowledge base for the team and serves as a foundation for our office culture. 对于设计师而言,身处这样一个技术、材料和制造工艺均飞速变化的时代,学习和分享是极为重要的。全球范围内的工作使penda的每一位成员对不同的文化产生宝贵的洞察力,并形成了各自独特的技能。为了让团队的所有成员分享这些个人技能,我们在闲暇时间组织了研讨会和聚会。设计研讨会的内容涉及软件、汇报、快速原型、实体建模、可持续性等。而其它内容包括摄影、语言、电影、书籍、艺术或历史提供了更广阔的学习领域,并为摆脱个人安逸区带来了积极效应。这种合作学习、传授和分享的混合方式为团队建立了日益庞大的知识库,并成为penda企业文化的基础。 Home of penda: Penda之家 Our headquarters is located in an Hutong Area near the heart of China, the forbidden City in Beijing. Renovating and old coal-factory resulted in an open, non-hierarchical floorpan for our office. A horizontal organisational structure provides an open platform for sharing information and knowledge between colleagues. Penda总部位于中国北京紫禁城附近的胡同区。Penda对旧煤炭厂房进行翻新,形成了开放、平层的办公空间。水平的组织结构为同事间的信息和知识共享提供了开放平台。 Plants, a use of rough materials, an honest appearance of the buildings (infra-) structure and a bunch of passionate creatives are the main feature of our office's atmosphere. 植物、粗制材料的使用、建筑(基建)结构的真实呈现、再加上一群充满热情的创意人,这就是Penda的魅力所在!


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  3. 企业类型: 有限责任公司(自然人独资)
  4. 成立日期: 2015-01-30
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